Yogi Yagnesh ShantiOm had a passion for mysticism since childhood. He experienced
higher states of consciousness at the age of three, and as by a calling was attracted to India. He left for India at the
age of sixteen, and resided There for three years, submerged in the mystical world of the ancient India.

He met many of the secluded and quiet sages who initiated him into Yoga.
He has had no formal training in Yoga Postures, yet he's been performing them since childhood
He came across a copy of the book "Sivananda Companion to Yoga", on the same day the author Swami Visnu Devanada had passed on
Yagnesh was guided by Swami Vinshnu Devanada since then, who instructed him from the higher realm.
He teaches the most Authentic form of Yoga which incorporates Postures , Breathing techniques and Meditation.

He began teaching yoga in 1995, and founded GOLDEN LOTUS YOGA in 2002,
Which is based on inner peace for world peace. By first developing inner peace within the individual, we bring this to
the world for more peace and harmony on Earth. This is the foundation of GLY.
in the year 2003 he recieved Shakti-pat from Shri Anandi Ma the successor to Dhyanyogi in the lineagae of
Kundalini Maha Yoga. She gave him the title Yagnesh
Yagnesh has also been initiated into Mahavatar Babaji's Kriya Yoga, by Yogiraj Gurunath.
He was given the title "Shanti Om" .